Betty's Music Together Scholarship Application

We believe that all families should be able to attend our classes regardless of their financial situation. Anyone can apply for a scholarship-from families who are new to Music Together® to families who have taken our classes for many years. All scholarships will be reviewed and awarded at the discretion of the director. No financial information will be requested; it is expected that applicants for scholarships truly need the assistance.

Please submit and email to Betty at answering the following questions:

- Why would you like to take Music Together classes with your child(ren)
- How do you feel that music will enhance the lives of you and your child
- What was your early childhood music experience like?
- Are you willing to participate with enthusiasm in class?
- How many children would you like to bring to class?
- Are you seeking a scholarship for full tuition or partial tuition? If partial, what is a fair amount that you can afford to pay?

Please consider these other options as well:
- Split payments made over the course of the semester
- Partial payment and bartering with Betty's Music Together for help with marketing. (passing out/hanging flyers, etc)
- Bartering with Betty's Music Together for a special skill or professional service that you have.

Every effort will be made to award scholarships to families that qualify; however, this may not be fiscally possible.

To make a contribution to our scholarship fund, please make checks payable to: Betty's Music Together and mail to P.O. Box 1125, Williamsville, NY 14231.